Sunday, November 11, 2007

Innovations in Development Cooperation

Humanitarian Photo Contest 2008 is an initative brought by the students of the master II 6th edition in "Cooperation and Project design for Development" of University La Sapienza, Rome (Italy), and is born from the will to share the richness of the field practice ending the course. The 32 students involved in cooperation projects in South America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, USA and Italy are organizing a photo contest and exhibition around the theme: "Is blind who only sees with the eyes" (Sahrawi saying). Each volunteer is author of two pictures that, once back from the field, will be "examinated" by a technical and artistical jury. The sole purpose of the event is the raising of some funds to sustain the activities of the Non Profit association God's Golden Acre. Finally, a special award is destinated to the photo most inspired by: "Is legitimate only the use of technologies that enhance the lives of everybody" (Gandhi).